Off-The-Peg SALE Wedding Dresses

Our Off-the-Peg SALE wedding dresses are a small selection of beautiful past season designs that we lovingly picked for you from our designers. These selected designs have been reduced to give brides the opportunity to purchase one of our Much Loved dresses at a fraction off the original price tag.

Wedding dresses are discontinued from our current collections for varying reasons -


  • The design may have been pulled from the designer and not taken through to their main advertised collection.
  • The dress may be of an individual sizing, i.e shorter or longer hem length, therefore the dress is placed on our Off-the-Peg rail
  • The fabric used to create the dress can no longer be obtained meaning the 'sample dress' will no longer be of use in our main collection
  • Our rails need to be cleared in time for the arrival of the addition of next years many prices are cut to less than cost price

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